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Live Your Best Life

AVA Grace Vineyards celebrates your passion for a vibrant life that embraces the unexpected. With a sense of curiosity and wonderment, you know the journey is more important than the destination. Looking for a spark of wonder every day, you appreciate that all the little things in life are what make it beautiful.

AVA Grace is inspired by the beauty of nature, which weaves in and out of everything we create: from our thoughtfully crafted wines to our artistic packaging. At an approachable price, our delicious portfolio of wines can be enjoyed any day, no matter what adventure awaits.

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Meet the Winemaker

Andrea Brambila

Born and raised in California’s Central Valley, Andrea Beltran’s love of winemaking was inspired by a bountiful harvest. After graduating from Cal Poly, Andrea made her way back to the Central Valley and began working at a local winery. Her motto, “learn by doing,” inspired her to advance her knowledge of winemaking, taking on mentors and pulling inspiration from all styles. Today, with 12 years of experience, Andrea’s personal style is focused on creating fruit-forward wines that show off the grapes natural acidity, aromas, and flavors – a distinct style found in every beautiful bottle of AVA Grace.

Our Vineyards

Our grapes are primarily sourced in California and other lush, vibrant vineyards around the world that set the stage for beautifully made wines. Abundant sunshine allows for a long grape growing season, while the diverse terroir help to create flavor variations throughout each varietal. AVA Grace® wines are inspired by the loveliness of these viticultural masterpieces and their unique qualities. The many possible blends of soil, climate, and winemaking styles are what give our wines their true legacy and grace.

Ava Grace Vineyards

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