All the picnic essentials on a picnic blanket with a glass of wine

Picnic Essentials: The Picnic Checklist

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Springtime sunshine…the flowers are beginning to bloom, and the grass is a beautiful emerald green. Ah, a breath of fresh air. A fantastic way to soak up some vitamin D and spend quality time with your loved ones is by organizing a picnic day at a local park or nearby beach (need picnic location ideas?). As you start planning, check out our packing tips and tricks, and download our picnic essentials checklist. Get insider tips on perfect pairings, portable drinks, and more to make sure that your next picnic is one to remember.

A picnic spread with people toasting on a picnic blanket

Picnic Basket Essentials

While everyone has their own food and drink preferences for their picnic lunch, there are a few miscellaneous essentials you really won’t want to leave at home.

  • Sunscreen

Don’t end your day with a painful burn; remember to squeeze in a travel size sunscreen tube (you won’t regret it).

  • Bug Spray

Bugs can be a big downer during a picnic. Pack a can of bug spray or a citronella candle to keep you and your guests happy while enjoying your feast.

  • Blanket

While laying on grass or sand can be fun, some of your guests may have an aversion or allergy. Pack a picnic blanket so there’s a nice clean surface for you and your food. Plus, a blanket with a fun design can add a touch of elegance and flare.

  • Ice Packs (Frozen Water Bottles)

While an ice pack will certainly keep your food cold, an easy hack is to freeze water bottles and use them as the ice packs. Once you’ve started your picnic, let the water bottles thaw and become ice cold water for your guests!

All the picnic essentials on a picnic blanket with a glass of wine

  • Playing Cards / Games

Pack playing cards, a flying disk, or other fun games to keep you and your guests entertained. Playing cards take up little space in a picnic basket, but provide a variety of games to play.

  • Wireless Speakers

Bring along portable speakers to play music while you graze on treats and soak up the sun.

  • Utensils (Regular and Serving)

While many picnic foods are finger foods, don’t forget utensils in case your guests would prefer to eat with them. Also, remember to pack serving utensils – such as thongs for a salad and a cheese knife to slice and spread the cheese.

  • Kitchen Towel & Napkins

While napkins are great for each guest, a kitchen towel is a great multi-use tool for the day. Wrap your breakables up in the towel during transport and then use the towel to keep bugs out of your food while you and your guests are eating.

Wine cans are picnic essentials

What Food to Pack for a Picnic

While each picnic’s spread is unique, our new AVA Grace wine cans are a wonderful way to enjoy wine without having to tote around a glass bottle. Perfectly proportioned at two glasses of wine per can, these drinks are great for picnics and beach visits.

Not sure what to serve with them? Our slightly dry Rosé pairs well with fresh peaches, dried apricots, mixed nuts, multi-grain crackers, and semi-soft cheeses like Gruyere, Monterey Jack, and Havarti. This crisp and floral Rosé is a refreshing beverage for a warm afternoon with friends.

Our bright Pinot Grigio pairs well with light salads, cured Italian meats, olives, grapes, and pistachios. This zesty wine is crisp and invigorating, perfect for snacks and games on your picnic blanket.


Picnic Essentials Packing List

To simplify your picnic planning, we’ve created a downloadable spreadsheet with all your picnic essentials. Happy picnicking from AVA Grace Vineyards!


April 30, 2019
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