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Enjoy a picnic on a hike, a great picnic location

5 Great Places to Have a Picnic


As the sun breaks out from behind the clouds and the crisp air softens and warms, we are welcomed into the gorgeous spring season that is full of budding flowers, green grasses, and seemingly eternal sunshine. Spring is the time to plan a picnic with your close friends and family. While parks are a perfect go-to for picnicking, we’ve come up with five unique places to have a picnic.

Gorgeous Places to Have a Picnic

      1. The Beach, Lake, River, or Pool

        No matter where you live, local water sources are great places to have a picnic. They offer beautiful views, a place to cool off if it gets too warm, and ample picnic ready areas. We recently introduced wine cans to give picnickers a portable, packable, and glass-free option for enjoying picnics in these no-glass zones. Spread out, snack away, and enjoy a beautiful sunset waterside with a can of AVA Grace.

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        Looking for places to have a picnic? Enjoy a picnic at the beach

        Photo courtesy of Love Playing Dressup

        1. A Meadow or Clearing on a Hike

          If you love hiking, fill your pack with food and drink, and setup camp a few miles in at a clearing or grassy meadow. Enjoy the wildlife and a nice rest mid-hike before continuing. If packing weight will be an issue, consider packing a picnic to have at the trailhead once you get back.

Enjoy a picnic on a hike, a great picnic location

Photo courtesy of Louella Reese

          1. An Arboretum or Botanical Garden

            Many cities and towns have local arboretums or gardens for residents to enjoy. Spring is a wonderful time to lay out a blanket and experience the beauty of these local gems, as they are a perfect place to have a picnic!

A spring picnic at an arboretum

Photo courtesy of Louella Reese

            1. On Top of a Mountain

              A spinoff of a mid-hike picnic, if you’re climbing a mountain, you’re likely climbing for an exceptional view. Spend a little more time up top by enjoying a picnic while taking it all in. Some easily transported picnic foods include AVA Grace wine in cans, trail mix, chocolate, dried fruit, and jerky.

Picnic on top of a mountain with AVA Grace Sauvignon Blanc

Photo courtesy of Elana Loo

              1. In Your Living Room

                Simple, and nearly effortless, you can always enjoy a picnic from the comfort of your own home by creating a comfy area to enjoy a spread of fruit, nuts, meat, and cheese. The best part about this picnic location is that you have easy access to your kitchen and to games or books from around your home.

While the list of perfect places to have a picnic could go on seemingly forever, hopefully these ideas give you inspiration to get out (or stay in) and soak up the sunshine with your loved ones! If you need packing recommendations or picnic food ideas, consider checking out our blog, Picnic Essentials: The Picnic Checklist.

Are there any picnic locations we missed? Let us know at @avagracevineyards or #AVAGraceVineyards!

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July 24, 2020
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