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AVA Grace wine cans on ice in a cooler

All the Places Wine Cans Can Go


Wine cans are perfect for so many reasons (besides being incredibly shareable). Not only are they portable and packable, but they also hold two and a half glasses of wine per can – that’s the equivalent of half a bottle! To celebrate summer and the convenience of wine cans, we’ve come up with six fantastic places to enjoy canned wine:

Great Places to Enjoy Wine Cans

  1. At the park

Summer concert series or movies in the park? Bring along your cans as the perfect accompaniment to the vendor dishes and the popcorn you’ll be enjoying.

  1. At the pool

Or beach…lake…river…creek, basically any water source (where it’s permitted). Cans of wine are the perfect size to enjoy over a few hours of lounging waterside.

AVA Grace cans at the pool

  1. On a picnic

Quite possibly one of our favorite options because these cans not only take up less space in your picnic basket, but are also perfectly paired with most any picnic food. Check out our article on picnic essentials (with a free, downloadable picnic checklist) for our favorite picnicking tips, or our article on our favorite places to have a picnic for picnic location inspo!

  1. On a hike

Whether it’s a special treat as you watch the sunset or your refreshment of choice after cresting the peak, wine cans are easily packed and delicious…It’s a win-win!

  1. Camping

While it can be difficult to pack glass bottles into a cooler, cans can fit in small spaces, so that you can pack them as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Friends around a campfire cheersing with AVA Grace wine cans

  1. At a BBQ or tailgate

Delicious and refreshing on a warm summer day, cans go well with BBQ’s and tailgates. Not only are they easily packable, but they’re easy to cleanup (and safe, too)!

  1. At girl’s night in

Pairs perfectly with painting your nails, face masks, and your latest tv or movie binge.

  1. Backyard dinner parties

Setting up the table and cleaning it is a breeze when you serve your wine in cans! Plus you don’t have to wash all your wine glasses at the end of the night, just recycle the cans and you’re done!

An outdoor dinner party with AVA Grace wine cans in the foreground

Where do you enjoy your cans? Show us, @avagracevineyards or #AVAGraceVineyards!

July 24, 2020
Ava Grace Vineyards AVA Grace Vineyards, Livermore, CA
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