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Woman sitting on the ground eating cheese and drinking AVA Grace wines at home

15 Things To Do At Home


In the spirit of finding things to do at home, here are just a few ways to self-care and keep yourself entertained.

Things To Do At Home:

  • Enjoy an indoor picnic of nutritious snacks and a glass or two of your favorite wine.
  • Build a fort – regardless of whether or not you have kids.
  • Enjoy the sunshine: take a walk, go for a run, hop on your bike.
  • Read that book that’s been on your list for months.
  • Play word search, crossword puzzles, & other fun mind games.
  • Did someone say bubble bath?
  • Participate in an online exercise class.
  • Clean out your closet and donate your used clothes to a nearby clothing donation center.
  • Try new recipes.

A nutritious snack board to enjoy while staying home

  • Make a list of movies you want to watch & enjoy one every other day. Don’t forget popcorn and your favorite Rosé or Chardonnay.
  • Schedule video conference calls with your best friends in lieu of nights out.
  • Board games and puzzles are your friend, but so are computer and video games that you forgot existed.
  • Stretch or do yoga or pilates to build strength and flexibility.
  • Paint your nails or learn a new hairstyle.
  • Send your friends and family care packages or gift packs.

But above all else, stay safe & healthy. We’re all in this together.

July 24, 2020
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