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Beautiful desk space to WFH, with two bottles of AVA Grace and a plant on the desk.

Creating the Perfect Space to WFH


Life has taken on a new normal recently, and for many of us, that means working from home for the foreseeable future. Having a dedicated workspace to WFH that is both organized and beautiful – no matter how unconventional or small – can help boost productivity and creativity. Now is the perfect time to set up your home office if you haven’t already. You don’t need much space to create a highly functional and even stylish workstation.

Creating the Perfect Space to WFH

A space of your own

It’s extremely important to have a dedicated office space. Not everyone has an extra room that can double as an office, but fortunately, you don’t necessarily need one. Even if you’re relegated to a small section of one room, your workspace should be clearly defined. This has multiple benefits, as it helps keep you on-task while working and it goes a long way in helping you mentally shut off when it’s time to leave “the office.”

Get comfy

The most important components in a home office are a work surface and a comfortable chair of some sort. Think outside the box and instead of buying all-new furniture, consider things you already have. It may not be convenient to work at the kitchen table where meals are eaten multiple times a day, but what about non-traditional tabletops and chairs, like a tall lidded laundry hamper or an ottoman? The key is making your office space – whether traditional or not – comfortable, since you’ll be stationed here for several hours a day.

Stock up

Stock your home office with all the items that are absolutely essential to do your job. Even if you have to tuck them away at the end of the day because you’re working in a common area, have any necessary papers, files, tools, and even snacks nearby. There is strong evidence that a tidy workspace increases productivity, so take a few minutes each to remove accumulated cups or trash.

Be camera-ready

If you have a job that requires video meetings, you may want to create a nice setup. Open nearby windows to allow natural light in, and if there are none or the lighting is still poor, consider getting a ring light. Either way, you always want your light source to be in front of you, not behind you. It doesn’t hurt to keep a bottle of wine nearby either, for those last-minute virtual team happy hour invitations.

WFH can certainly be challenging, but having a smart home office setup can at least make it more enjoyable. Fortunately, there’s also wine for the end of the day. Consider a crisp, zesty Ava Grace Vineyards Pinot Grigio or Rosé bursting with fruit and floral notes. Find it at a retailer near you, or order online in most states. Cheers!



January 11, 2021
Ava Grace Vineyards AVA Grace Vineyards, Livermore, CA
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