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wine bottle decorations for a wine themed wedding

Wine Themed Wedding Ideas


The big day: a day full of love, life changing moments, and perfect memories. If you and your special someone happen to be wine lovers, why not throw a wine themed wedding to suit your style? For some, a wedding planner is the simplest and most stress-free way to get things done, but, for others, DIY decorations are the perfect addition. No matter how you choose to host your big event, there are ways to easily and cost-effectively throw a marvelous wine themed wedding with our fun ideas! From table centerpieces to wedding favors, we’ve got you covered.

Wine Themed Wedding Decorations

1) How to Make Wine Themed Wedding Centerpieces

There are plenty of simple and classy ways to spice up each table, especially if you’re a wine lover who happens to have a stash of empty wine bottles or a collection of gorgeous wine glasses. Enjoy these fun wedding centerpieces made with empty wine bottles or wine glasses.


Arrange flowers in empty wine bottles of various sizes on a doily, wood centerpiece, or ornamental mat. Tie ribbons and twine around the body of the bottle to make the arrangements pop. If you have a specific color scheme planned, consider spray-painting the bottles to your liking.

An alternate use for empty wine bottles is to purchase battery operated string lights for each of the tables and fill the bottles loosely with the lights. Once they are filled, wrap vines, leaves, or other rustic decorations around the base of the bottles to deflect the light and create elegant shadows. Added bonus: consider repurposing these wine bottles in other parts of your wedding by using twine to tie them to chairs lining the aisle.

Wine bottle flower vases


Fill stemless wine glasses about halfway with water. Add lilies or tealight candles to float inside the glasses and arrange them in the center of each table. An alternative option is to fill the glass about a quarter full of colorful pebbles and add a rose (with a snipped stem) or tealight candle. If you happen to have extra wine glasses with stems, turn the glass upside down and add a tealight candle inside the glass, then place a votive candle on the upward facing base of the glass. Tie ribbon or twine around the stem of the glass for added elegance, and then arrange three or so of these glasses atop a circular centerpiece mirror.

2) How to Make Wine Bottle Candelabras

Check out our previous blog post about how to create beeswax candles with empty wine bottles. The melted wax around the body of a wine bottle is a classic touch to spice up your banquet table or each guest table. Check out our DIY guide to making wine bottle candle holders for more info!

3) Miscellaneous Wine Themed Decorations & Ideas

There are plenty of other fun ways to make your wedding theme memorable. If you find yourself with wine barrels and are looking to throw a rustic wedding, consider using the barrels as the base to your wine bar, as flower planters, as cocktail tables, or as wine themed décor for your venue. If you haven’t yet finalized your menu, consider complementing your wine theme with a cheese board, olives, gourmet crackers, and other perfect wine pairing snacks.

Wine Themed Wedding Ideas

1) Wine Themed Wedding Favors

What’s a wedding without a little gift to thank your guests? There are plenty of simple and fun ways to give your guests a great wine themed wedding favor. While some gifts are simple and cost-efficient, others will take less time, but at a higher price to you. Many wine lovers enjoy ordering custom designed wine glasses to commemorate their big day, sending each guest home with a glass at the end of the night.

A simpler (and more fun) craft that you can gift your guests is custom made wine cork keychains stamped with a commemorative note, thank you, or initials and wedding date. To make these fun knick-knacks, you will need corks, hooks, key rings, and a stamp if you’re looking to customize the wine cork keychain. All you must do is twist a hook into one end of the cork and then attach a key ring…and voila, you’re done!

2) Wine Themed Wedding Tasting

Help your guests get to know each other (and your wine bar) at the reception by hosting a blind tasting at each table! Before the event, have your coordinator pour your wine into unlabeled bottles or decanters and have one of your attendees or family members lead a blind tasting during the event. At the end of the tasting, reveal each of the wines to your guests! Check out our recent article on tasting parties if you’re looking for more wedding wine tasting ideas.

 3) Wine Themed Wedding Trivia

With guests coming from all over and family members needing introducing, sometimes it’s easiest to get people socializing with fun wedding games. For wine lovers, these games can be as simple as grouping tables together and having them play Wine Lover’s Trivia to compete for the title of “Wedding Sommelier”. Fun and interactive games like Wine Lover’s Trivia can help guest’s break down their barriers and meet your other attendees. Some fun questions you can ask:

  • What material was used to stop a wine bottle before corks and screwcaps? – Glass, which often broke the bottles during removal
  • How does a winemaker make rosé wines? – Leaving skins soaking in the juice for only a short period of time
  • Should you drink sweet wines before dry wines, or vice versa? – Dry before sweet because the sweet can make the dry wines taste too dry
  • What is an appellation? – The growing region of the wine’s grapes
  • What tastes can the sides of your mouth identify from a wine? – Sour and salty
  • What is the most planted grape variety in the entire world? – Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Which two grapes are the parents of Cabernet Sauvignon? – Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Franc
  • What is a wine’s vintage? – The year the grapes were picked
  • What are the six S’s of wine tasting? – See, smell, swirl, sip, swish, and swallow (or spit)

These are just a few of our favorite wine themed wedding decorations and party ideas for your big day – now go and make memories to last a lifetime. Congratulations from AVA Grace Vineyards!

July 24, 2020
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