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Women enjoying a glass of AVA Grace Pinot Grigio while painting by the bay.

At-Home Wine & Paint Party


You’ve probably been to numerous book clubs and game nights, but what about a paint & wine night? They’re ideal for all ages and skill levels, and work wonderfully as a couples’ night, girls’ night, or birthday party.

With an at-home wine and paint night, you get to socialize in a comfortable, low-key setting and participate in a creative activity while honing a skill – whether it’s a new one for you or you’re already an avid painter.  Plus, you come away with a new piece of custom home decor or a personalized gift for someone. And let’s not forget the best part: you get to drink wine! Hosting your own wine and paint night also saves a bit of money, as a single class at a venue can cost upwards of $40 per person – and that doesn’t typically include wine.

Whether you choose to host a virtual or in-person wine and paint night, here’s everything you need to know to make it a success.

Decide on a theme 

Typically when you go to a wine and paint event, you paint a predetermined picture. If you host your own, there are no limits to what type of picture you can paint. For inspiration, search “Paint Night Tutorial” online. Not only will you find several painting options, you may also find step-by-step tutorials, videos, or printable templates.

Gather supplies and prep your space

As the host, you’ll want to supply all the necessary materials for your paint night. Fortunately, all the supplies can be purchased inexpensively at your local craft store or online.

  • Canvases in your preferred size
  • Tabletop easels
  • Acrylic paints
  • Paintbrushes meant for use with acrylic paints
  • Paint mixing trays
  • Plastic cups for rinsing brushes
  • Disposable plastic tablecloths

Wherever you choose to set up your paint night, be sure that everyone has a workstation with plenty of room to spread out. Cover the table(s), chairs, and floor where everyone will be painting to protect your surfaces from splatters.

Each workstation should have its own water cup, mixing tray, and paper towels. If you’re using a tutorial that includes printed instructions or tracing patterns, have those set out at each station as well.

Don’t forget the wine! A good rule of thumb is to ask guests to bring a snack to share, then you provide two bottles of wine for every three guests. Supply a variety so there’s a little something for everyone. We recommend our award-winning Pinot Grigio and Rosé, both of which are light and perfect for summer. You can even order online in many states!

Paint (and sip!)

Once everything is set up and guests arrive, you’re ready to paint! If you’re using an online tutorial, consider streaming it on a TV or computer where everyone can easily see and hear it. Most importantly, have fun, enjoy the company, and don’t take yourselves too seriously! Women enjoying a glass of AVA Grace Pinot Grigio while painting by the bay.


January 11, 2021
Ava Grace Vineyards AVA Grace Vineyards, Livermore, CA
Ava Grace Vineyards

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