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Ultimate Holiday Guide


This year the holidays look a little different than usual, but that doesn’t mean they have to be any less magical. No matter what your holiday plans look like, we’re here to help. From festive fall table décor, to your favorite holiday recipes. Here’s our ultimate holiday guide:

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Fall Food and Wine with AVA Grace

Guest Blog by Lauren Nakagawa of Shoes and Sashimi

Simple Fall Inspired Tablescapes

Whether you’re having a casual dinner, or preparing for Thanksgiving at home, a simple yet elegant tablescape is sure to impress. Read on for some of our tips for creating gorgeous fall tablescapes. 

The Best Thanksgiving Food and Wine Pairings

After you’ve perfectly decorated your table and finalized your Thanksgiving menu, this tricky question will arise: which wine should we pair with dinner? Well, we would like to choose all of them! So, we’re pairing each of our favorite Thanksgiving dishes with their ideal wine companion.

Spiced Chardonnay White Wine Cocktail

Fall is the perfect time to take a moment to stop, relax and enjoy a drink, which is why we crafted “Fall for Grace”, a white wine cocktail using our balanced AVA Grace Chardonnay and popular fall spices and flavors!

Holiday Pie Recipe from Scratch  & Simply Graceful Wine Ice Cream

Some of the best holiday memories are spent in the kitchen baking your favorite recipes, which is why we’ve put together a delicious holiday pie recipe that incorporates our Chardonnay in the crust, and our Red Blend in the berry filling! Top it off refreshing white wine ice cream recipe using our balanced and bright Chardonnay!

Holiday Gift Exchange Ideas

Shrug off some of the holiday stress with our favorite wine themed holiday gift exchange ideas for everyone on your list.


January 11, 2021
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