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wine bottle decorations for a wine themed wedding

Wine Themed Wedding Ideas

Company, Craft

The big day: a day full of love, life changing moments, and perfect memories. If you and your special someone happen to be wine lovers, why not throw a wine

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Red Wine Cupcakes with red wine buttercream frosting

Red Wine Cucpakes to Celebrate Your Crush


Valentine’s Day is approaching and you’re looking for a homemade gift to show your love…As chocolate prices skyrocket and flower bouquets sell out, give a gift with a personal touch

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AVA Grace wine bottle candle holders

DIY Wine Bottle Candle Holders


A luscious wine, a beautiful label, and a bottle with exquisite coloring…even after the wine is long gone, there are still many wonderful ways to recycle our AVA Grace wine

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AVA Grace Merlot Served at a Wine Tasting Party

Wine Tasting Party Ideas


Wine tasting parties are a wonderful way to bring friends and family together. While the event is one to remember, throwing a wine tasting party takes a lot of organization

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